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Insight from the Prophets

On Tawheed, Books of Guidance, and Sabr

Since the beginning of time, Allaah ta’ala sent Prophets to the people to guide them aright, to show them the correct path, and relentlessly call them to it. They all came with the same message, that is, to worship Allaah alone and associate no partners with him. This call to tawheed was at the foundation of their da’wah and still remains to be today, for those who wish to be messengers of the messengers – continuing to propagate their call. We take from their example, wishing to emulate them in this aspect. Shaykh Ibn Baaz also advises us in this regard: “So this [tawheed] is the most fundamental principle, and the greatest understanding. It is the first thing that the writers should write about, and it is what the callers to guidance, and what the supporters of the truth should focus on. It is the most important science that they should grab onto with their molar teeth, and it should be spread amongst all societies, until they know its reality, and until they distance themselves from whatever opposes it.” And this reality of beginning your call with tawheed is something we learn by examining the lives of the Prophets, seeking to inherit the same wisdom today and letting the call live and flourish, in the hearts and [on the] tongues of the people.


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Q: Is it permissible for a woman to say to a (Muslim) man “Indeed, I love you for the Sake of Allaah”?

A: No, she mustn’t open this door!

Her love is in her heart, (and) she loves every believing man and woman, and every Muslim man and woman.

However, she mustn’t open this door for someone specific, because he would be tempted and would continue to speak to her and exchange statements of love (for the Sake of Allaah) and that which is similar to it, and thereby they would fall into that which is prohibited, (so) no.

Shaykh Zayd Muhammad al-Madkhalee

  • Translator: Mohammed Akhtar Chaudhry, Abu Abdullaah | Source: Madeenah.com


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