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On the authority of Abee Hamzah ath-Thumaalee who said: ‘Alee ibn al-Husayn used to carry a sack of bread on his back during the night and used to distribute it in charity. And he used to say:

Indeed, charity done in secret will prevent the anger of the Lord, the Mighty and Majestic.

  • Siffatus-Safwah – Volume 2, Page 96  | Source: Fatwa Online

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Inscribed in Gold

gold barsAsma’i said that Abdul-Malik once delivered a very profound sermon, during which he began to weep while begging Allah:

“O Lord, my sins are great, but a small amount of Your forgiveness is greater than them. O Allah, forgive the greatness of my sins with a little of Your mercy.”

Asma’i said that when these words reached the ears of Hasan Al Basri, he too began to cry, stating that if ever words were uttered that should be inscribed in gold, it would be those words.

  • From: Gems and Jewels | Compiled by: Abdul-Malik Mujahid | DarusSalam

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