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How easy it is to get caught up in this dunya, to become ensnared by its glitter, to become lured by its temptations, to become captivated by its fleeting enjoyments. A guise covers our eyes, such that we become immersed in this life and seemingly forget the Hereafter. And indeed, insaan (man) forgets of the eternal life that awaits, and the impending judgment that looms large. And insaan forgets death, even while the fact that others are dying while they themselves remain should serve as the ultimate reminder. And insaan forgets of the torment and torture of Hellfire and the eternal bliss and happiness of Paradise as so vividly described in the Qur’aan.

We forget – for if we were cognizant of these realities, aware of them with yaqeen (certainty) and a firm resolution, would we be in such a state of ghaflah (heedlessness) by which our hearts are attached to this world and forgetful of the Hereafter? Indeed it would not be so.

So awaken, oh sleepy ones, awaken from your heedlessness. The akhirah awaits us, death is coming, our graves are ready and our judgment is impending. Our destinations are unknown, so we must strive ever more so towards a good end and race towards the Pleasure of Allaah.



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Hear and Obey

Ibrahim’s wife [Haajar] asked him, “To whom are you leaving us?” And in certain al-Bukhari narrations, she repeated this question or plea over and over again, yet throughout, he did not turn around to answer her; finally, she said, “Did Allāh order you to do this?” He ‘alayhi salam said, “Yes.” She said, “Then He will not allow us to waste away (or perish).” In another narration, she said, “I am pleased with Allāh (i.e., with His decree and with being placed in His care).” She did not, however, say, “There are priorities. Instead of leaving us in this barren desert, you should take us with you, for we can then help you in calling others to the way of Allāh.”

If we know that a command is from Allāh subhanahu wa ta’ala, we must only do as the mother of Isma’il did: answer and obey. Being pleased with Allāh’s decree, she began to move briskly from al-Safa to al-Marwa, now hoping to find water, and now fearing for her son who was on the verge of dying.

Some who have weak faith might say, “This was the calamity of near death for the child! What did this experience benefit him, his father, or his mother!” Such people do not appreciate the jihad and patience and sacrifices of Ibrahim alayhi salam and his family; instead, such people uphold a purely worldly view – the very view that has effectively struck down our Nation.


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