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Night Prayers

SQRBQ8TD85O you whose nature is unyielding and whose heart is inclined towards his nature: think of the purpose for which you were created, and what it is that Allāh made incumbent upon you. If you wish to ride the stallion that is your soul, then you must tame it, and counteract the effect of your mercurial nature, so that you can harness it for proper use. Look for the dawn of reward during the night, and pour out the intoxicant of your desires, so that you do not get caught by the One in authority [i.e. Allāh].

The water of your nature is brine, whereas the water of your heart is sweet, your intellect standing between the two as a barrier, just as al-Khidr’s firm stance. So be like Musā (‘alayhi as-salām), and do not abandon your self-discipline until you arrive at the meeting point of the two oceans. Stand on the leg of patience [praying all night] even if standing is too wearisome, as it is better than sitting down. O you who has been asleep all night long, the company has already left, and the sun of old-age is upon you and yet your sleep does not end. If you had been awake in the last part of the night, you would have seen how the road of the pious slaves is crowded and had you gone to drink from the well of Madiyan [1], you would have many people quenching their thirst from it.


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