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SolitudeMany of them would not have the strength to interact with creation and, as a result, would flee so that they could be alone with their beloved; this is why many of them would spend long periods of time in seclusion. When one of them was asked, “Do you not feel the bite of loneliness?” He replied, “How can I when He has said that He is the companion of one who remembers Him?” Another said, “How can one feel the bite of loneliness when he is with Allāh?” Yet another said, “Whoever feels the bite of loneliness when alone does so because of his lack of solace with his Lord.”

Yaḥyā ibn Mu’ādh would frequently seclude and isolate himself, when his brother censured him for this by saying, “If you are a man amongst men, you need the company of men,” he replied, “If you are a man amongst men, you are in need of  Allāh.” It was once asked of him, “You have migrated from the people, with whom do you live?” He replied, “With the One for whose sake I migrated.” Ghāzwan was once censured for his seclusion to which he said, “I attain relief in my heart by sitting with One who meets my needs.”


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